Amino Energy and Energy Supplements

Aminos, the darling aminos, are building blocks of protein in the human body. They are the supporting system of our body. offers the best amino supplements. They are all made scientifically with the most organic plant and animal based ingredients.

Our website understands the need of the customers, and accordingly sells those amino supplements that cater to all their demands. From powders to capsules to liquids you can buy your favourite products in any form. The price, too, is quite affordable and the results just wondrous. Here is a glimpse of how our amino supplements benefit the users:

Amino energy supplements give a guaranteed dose of proteins as they contain natural BCAAs. So, why take a separate supplement;

Amino acid supplements also have a powerful impact on muscle growth. They have leucine, which regulates and improves muscle protein synthesis post a strenuous exercise;

Next, the amino energy supplements work as a good source of carbs and fat. They help to recover the glycogen level after an intense activity, and fill in the required energy;


Amino acids protect the BCAAs of human body by burning down the fat; it rather replaces fat with healthy carbs which in turn fuels in energy to the body;

Our amino energy supplements also have the ability to ward off the mental fatigue that people incur a lot these days;


Amino supplements improves our short term memory; it keeps away tryptophan and improves one’s mental processing abilities.


Above all, amino supplements are the wizard of muscle synthesis, which is the primary aim of bodybuilders. They reduce muscle soreness, increase muscle mass, and protect muscle fibres from degeneration while maintaining weight, so yes amino supplement is ideal for all the bodybuilders out there.

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